Where Did Our Winter Break Go?

This year winter break seemed suspiciously shorter than usual. That’s because it was! We lost a whole three days! That might not seem like a ton of time, but I, for one, would have preferred keeping them. In exchange for cutting these three days from our winter break, we are only gaining one day of summer break. How does that make sense? Well… we only lost one weekday during the break, but since the break started in the middle of a week and ended in the middle of a week we are losing a weekend that would’ve added an extra two days of rest and relaxation. Why would we choose to start and end in the middle of school week, then?

This ties into a much bigger issue that has been becoming more prominent. Our break is directly connected to Christmas and New Year’s. I remember a couple of years ago when we were in middle school and the teachers would call it Christmas break, because that’s what it is,  right? Well now it’s too politically incorrect to do that,because  we wouldn’t want to offend anyone of course… So more and more often you will hear people saying, “Happy winter break”. But, if it’s politically incorrect to call it Christmas break, shouldn’t it be politically incorrect to directly correlate a public school break to a specific religious holiday?

I, myself, am Jewish (my family celebrates Christmas as well) and Hanukkah falls at a different time each year. This year we were lucky and it fell during break, but most years we end up celebrating while school is still in session. Of course, we would prefer to have winter break correlate with our holiday, but what about people who celebrate other winter holidays? Or people who celebrate their holidays at other times of the year with no break at all? Where’s their break? If we aren’t going to give breaks for other religious holidays, I personally don’t believe we should be aligning winter break with a specifically Christian holiday.

To sum up, we should not be scheduling our school breaks for any particular religion’s benefit. And we DEFINITELY should not be losing days of our precious break!

– Garrett Kennedy

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