Election Coverage

One of the most crazy and unpredictable election cycles in recent memory will come to a close on November 8th, when citizens across the USA will vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for their next President. In this final election preview, I will summarize the views of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, how they got to where they are today, and who will probably win.


Hillary Clinton Path to Nominee:

  • Entered race as the favorite not only to win the Democratic nominee but also to become President.
  • Main competition was from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist who gave Hillary much stiffer competition than expected.
    • Sanders eventually threw in the towel in June, but many say his campaign helped push Hillary to support more leftist policies.
  • Although Hillary won the Democratic nomination, she entered the general election as one of the least-liked Democratic candidates ever.


Donald Trump Path to Nominee:

  • Entered race as basically a joke
  • Tapped into a growing populist movement and became much more popular than expected.
  • Shocking not only America but the entire world, Trump then proceeded to beat out 16 other Republican candidates running for President and became the Republican nominee.
  • Although he won the Republican Party nomination, Trump is at at odds with many members of the Republican leadership, including Paul Ryan.


Hillary Clinton Views:

  • Wants immigration reform, does not support deporting illegal immigrants.
  • Completely supports abortion.
  • Wants stronger gun control.
  • Wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, while giving tax reliefs to lower-income families.
    • Wants to also get rid of corporate tax loopholes .
  • Supports Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and wants equal and affordable health care for all.
  • Wants an economy “That works for everyone, not just the ones on the top”.
  • Supports less and more effective standardized tests for schools.


Donald Trump Views:

  • “Americans First”
  • Also wants immigration reform, but in a very different way.
    • Wants to deport all illegal immigrants from the country.
    • Suggested that maybe America should ban Muslims from entering the country .
    • Wants to build a huge wall between America and Mexico, and “make Mexico pay for it”
  • Does not support abortion unless it is rape, incest, or the mother’s life is at risk.
    • Does support Planned Parenthood, however.
  • Against gun control.
  • Wants business tax rate cut, and the individual tax rate to be split up into only three brackets.
  • Wants healthcare for all, but completely hates Obamacare.
  • Wants an economy that is focused on Americans, by creating more jobs at home and re-negotiating trade deals.


Chances of Winning:

  • Five Thirty Eight puts Hillary at a 66.1% chance of winning the election
  • The swing states are Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
    • Hillary is leading in 8 of these 11 states, including Wisconsin.
  • Hillary is the statistical favorite to win the 2016 Presidential election.

– Amit Rajesh

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