Wisconsin Primary Results

Just last month, Wisconsin was able to play a part in the process of choosing our next president, joining the 28 other states that had already participated at that point. For over a week the national media was focused on us, here in the Badger state, as the five presidential candidates actively campaigned leading into the Primary. So how did that Primary go?

Well, on the most part it went very well, with turnout topping 80% in some areas, and at nearly 60% for the state. However there were some downsides to the incredible turnout, including long lines at some polling locations. While there was much complaining about the recent voter ID law in the days before the primary, it didn’t seem to cause many obvious problems on Election Day.

While the most covered races on the ballot were the Republican and Democratic primaries, there was also an election for the State Supreme Court, as well as a bunch of uncontested candidates for school board positions. The candidates for the Supreme Court were Rebecca Bradley and Joanne Kloppenburg. Bradley, the winner, who had been temporarily appointed to the court by Gov. Walker last fall to fill a vacancy managed to keep her seat.

On the Democratic side Bernie Sanders bested Hillary Clinton by 13 points, while on the Republican side, Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump by 13 points, and John Kasich by 34 points.  


Amos Egleston

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