ACT Testing

Time flies by so fast and it is already March. Before we get so excited about the cool weather and outdoor activity, juniors, it is also the ACT month. The ACT test is mandated by the state, which means all schools in Wisconsin will be taking it at the same time on March 1st. The next day entails Work Keys testing, which is a list of questions that supposedly help find career of interest for students. Freshmen, sophomore and seniors will have a day off on March 1st and will be attending their normal schedule on the following day. On March 2nd, juniors will do their Work Keys test for the first half of the day only and attend their normal class on the afternoon. Luckily, on March 1st, teachers will make breakfast for all students, so come in and join us. The ACT test will take the entire morning from 8:15 AM to around 1:15 PM. There will be school bus around 10 mins after the exam is over. The will be a break in between math and reading section, so bring so snake to eat. Phones must be completely SHUT OFF during exam. If your phone were to go off during exam, you will be dismissed from the testing room and your will not receive a score. Most of the score will be released after two weeks, but be aware that it might take up to 5-8 weeks. This is a very important test, so do some last minutes studying, if you are not prepared. Down below are some frequent ACT vocabulary words and sample English questions. Good luck on exam.

–Andrew Zhou


ACT Vocabulary and answers to excerpt above:

Abjure (v.) to reject, renounce

Abrogate (v.) to abolish, usually by authority

Acrimony (n.) bitterness, discord

Adumbrate (v.) to sketch out in a vague way

Alacrity (n.) eagerness, speed

Answers: 1-A, 2-J, 3-D, 4-H, 5-B, 6-J.


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