Come Have Fun with Memorial’s Clubs!

Hello students! Welcome back to another exciting school year. After a relaxing summer, one of the best ways to ease into the school year is by getting involved in different clubs and activities. Luckily for you, Memorial has plenty of clubs to offer for almost every interest. Don’t see one you like? Come talk to our staff, we’ll definitely be able to help you. All of Memorial’s clubs will allow you to meet lovely people while pursuing what you enjoy. Already involved in a club? That’s great! Double the fun by joining something else. So what are you waiting for? Read on to get the skinny on a few of Memorial’s groups.

After School Study Center: Although this isn’t a club, it’s a great resource that should be promoted! From Mondays to Thursdays, the LMC is open from 3:45 – 5:00 PM for students. For students, this is a valuable opportunity. Students have access to the library’s resources and computer. Furthermore, teachers are frequently available to help.

Drama, Debate and Forensics (DDAF): For anyone interested in getting involved in the school’s speaking or theater program, DDAF is the place to be. Swing by Theater 300 on any Tuesday after school and someone can assist you. Otherwise, check the club’s Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): Interested in Business? Come join FBLA! Meet people who are motivated and share a similar passion. This club is great for exposing students to various business careers. Meetings are on Wednesdays. Check FBLA’s Facebook page for the kickoff meeting!

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): Join a safe community where students can meet, support each other and freely discuss sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Through this club, educate yourself and the community about how to take steps to end homophobia and transphobia. Keep tuned for more information.

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA): HOSA is a great club for anyone interested in learning more about the medical field. Meet students and teachers interested in health sciences and get ready to compete at Chula Vista! Want to join? Check the group’s Facebook page or talk to any of the officers.

Math Team: Math Team is the perfect club to join for anyone looking to improve their math skills in a semi-competitive setting. Travel to different Madison high schools to compete in both an individual and team round. Interested? Math teachers in the fall will provide details.

Mock Trial: Have you watched too many legal drama shows? Want to know what actually happens? Mock Trial’s a place to do so! Learn about the legal system and see if you have what it takes to be a lawyer. Talk to Ms. Burda to figure out how to get involved.

Peer Partners: Memorial’s Peer Partners is one of the most popular lunchtime clubs. Come have lunch with a diverse group of people and make new friends! Peer Partners meets on Thursdays in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Center.

Science Olympiad: Ever been told that you have a knack for science? Science Olympiad’s a fabulous place to explore and develop that interest. Any science teacher will surely be able to help you to get involved.

Spartan Youth Service (SYS): SYS is Memorial’s largest volunteer club. Every year, this club is commended for their work in the school and larger community. SYS meets every Wednesday in the Wisconsin Neighborhood Center. Perfect for the student looking to make a difference!

Spartans Committed: Thinking about Prom already? Why not think about Post-Prom? Spartan’s Committed is a group of individuals dedicated to helping students make good choices. Through tailgates before football games, winter movie nights and of course, Post-Prom, Spartan’s Committed is always working hard. Stop by the Main Office to talk to Mr. Rummel about becoming an active member.

Student Voice: Ready to be a leader in the school community? Student Voice is the club to join. Come meet students who want to make Memorial the best it can be. Meetings are held weekly on Friday mornings. Listen to the announcements for information regarding the application.

Sword & Shield: Of course! Since you’re reading the newspaper right now, that means we’ve interested you in our work. Memorial’s newspaper focuses on bringing the students a monthly digest of events in and outside of our community. Not able to commit a huge chunk of time? That’s perfectly okay. The club is welcome to anyone interested in contributing an article. Come join us on any Thursday in Room 521!

Yearbook: This year, Memorial is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. Interested in helping to document this special year? Come join the staff of the “Olympian”. Staff members take pictures, interview students and capture special memories to create a full-color masterpiece. The Olympian meets after school on Thursdays with the Sword & Shield in Room 521.

Women’s Club: Among Memorial’s clubs, Women’s Club is one of the newer options. However, new or not, the club has a large membership and is open to any student interested in building awareness of women’s rights. Join the Facebook group to get meeting updates and to learn about issues affecting women worldwide.

These options are just a sample of the many club’s Memorial has to offer. Feel free to look at the Memorial website to explore more options or even just talk to some friends. The Sword & Shield staff is also always available. Best of luck during the school year!

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