A Note From The Editor, October 2014

(from the October issue)

From the messy, clustered desk of Co-Editor-in-Chief, Vishal Narayanaswamy

And we’re off! It’s been one month since the new school year began, and all around the building freshman are getting lost less often, sophomores are infuriated with their chemistry books, juniors are feeling the power of being upperclassmen, and seniors are reminding juniors who actually holds the real power. As we’re a month in, students of all grades are joining or returning to many different clubs. From tennis and football to DDAF and SYS, freshmen, seniors, and all those in between them are discovering their passions (shameless plug: if you’re a fan of writing, photography, news, sports, or the arts, consider contributing to The Sword & Shield).

If you’ve been following the news this month, you’ll know that the United States has begun conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Islamic terror group ISIS, the Ebola virus has spread to Texas, and Wisconsin’s controversial Voter ID requirements have been reinstated. While it is highly unlikely that any JMM student can coordinate quarantine relief efforts or punch Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the face, what we can do is respond to these latest voter suppression measures. Election experts across the country have overwhelmingly concluded that actual incidences of voter fraud are exceedingly rare, and that Wisconsin’s new voter ID requirements stand to disenfranchise a disproportionate amount of poor and minority voters. To uphold the values that our Founding Fathers enshrined and so many have died for since the Constitution’s ratification, I highly encourage- nay, implore- all JMM seniors who will be 18 before this November’s election to register to vote, regardless of your political affiliation. (UPDATE: The voter ID law was blocked by the Supreme Court after the October issue went to print).

Also, progress reports are out! By this point, you should be getting a feel for your classes and be familiar with your grades. Work hard, remember to check Infinite Campus regularly, and stop by the Tutoring Center if you need studying assistance. If you enjoyed this month’s issue of The Sword & Shield and want more student-created content, be sure to check our website regularly for news, sports, and entertainment reviews.

Good luck, and godspeed!



Vishal Narayanaswamy (’15) is a senior and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Sword & Shield.

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