The September 2014 Issue is Out!

Welcome, Spartans, to another great year of student journalism at JMM Sword & Shield! Inside the September 2014 issue of the Sword & Shield, you’ll find a collection of exciting summer adventures, freshman survival tips, and an interview with Principal Affeldt. To read the September issue, simply click on “The September 2014 Issue” link under the “Connections” column, or follow this link to our Memorial webpage.


September 2014 Contributors: Hamayail Ansari, David Cao, Jack Harrington, Emily Hubbard, Ming Laoshi, Brian Luo, Ryan Das, David Luzzio, Ryan Morgan, Ryan Murphy, Vishal Narayanaswamy, Leon Pan, Shalini Patro, Maryann Rehani, Amol Rajesh, Ben Schlenker, Sean Surtees, Nathan Wang, and Caroline Zhou.

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