Thanksgiving Baskets



One of the many clubs here at Madison Memorial High School is the Spartan Leaders, which is made up of the students involved in extracurricular who showcase leadership abilities.  The Spartan Leaders come together once a month to discuss issues and leadership in sports and to perform community service.  In order to ensure that everyone can celebrate the holidays, this month the Spartans have teamed up with the Allied Learning Center on Madison’s West side to create Thanksgiving baskets.  By collecting donations from local businesses and teammates, the Spartans have been able to be the largest provider of these baskets to the Allied community in all of Madison.  The baskets contain everything a family will need to celebrate the holiday: fresh vegetables, stuffing, juice, a medium-sized turkey, and even pumpkin pie.  The hard work of the Spartan Leaders group goes to show that Memorial High School continues to produce not only extraordinary athletes, but also top-notch leaders and dedicated community members.
Posted by Catherine Bartzen for CAMM

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