Mother Nature Strikes Again

typhoon haiyan aftermath philippinesThe Philippines undergo another disaster with Typhoon Haiyan. October 15th, an earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 7.2 and killing hundreds by Bohol city right under Leyte Island. Just last week Typhoon Haiyan hit more aggressively than anyone expected, with 170 mph winds and 15 ft waves. The city of Tacloban which is at the coast of Leyte Island became the epicenter of this massive storm. As the reforming begins, the death tolls have reached over 2,000 and injures at 3,000 bodies. While the rest of Tacloban citizens around 200,000 are left with no shelter, clothes and food. Supportively, many of the Philippines allies have issued help to the victim country. The U.S. has sent Marines and air support to help evacuate victims and supply food. Many countries have done the same as Philippines tries to stand back up. Aid relief organizations has strongly helped by providing funding for surviving victims. Just because we are halfway around the world doesn’t mean we cannot help. Helping at the scene is equivalent as helping where you are now. By donating you can save a family, a person or a child from this natural disaster and help them stand back on their own two feet. We must help one another through tragic times as we hope others to help us through our tragedies. Here are some ways to help, take action and save a life! Posted by Lorence Ayag for CAMM
Donation Websites / Phone Numbers :
Helping Children : UNICEF – / 1-800-367-5437
Shelter : UN Refugee Agency – / 1-202-296-5191
Food & Water : World Food Programme – / 1-202-747-0722
Emergency Support : Red Cross – 

Note: Backyard Reps will be selling t-shirts as a fund-raiser. More info to come.

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