A New Era In Memorial Theatrics

DSC05754As many of you saw Memorial’s fall play “Moon Over Buffalo” you may have missed some important news inside Memorial’s Theatre Company. The fall play was the first production not directed by 12th grade English teacher Mr.Hardin in over a decade, directing classics such as “Cabaret” and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” Mr. Hardin handed over the reigns to art teacher and Forensics coach Joshua Newland who had assisted in numerous past productions. When asked about the change in directors stage manager Samantha Burden said “They have different ways of communicating and of motivating us. It was an interesting change to work so closely with someone new after being so used to the way Hardin runs rehearsal. Though their styles were so different, they’re both pleasant to work with.” Although Mr. Hardin may not be directing Memorial’s plays anymore, he will still be the producer of them. Congratulations to Mr. Newland, the cast and crew of Moon Over Buffalo for another successful play and good luck for the winter musical, Singing In
The Rain. By Mihir Kansara, Photo by Nick Smith

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