Report Card

By Isabella Wu

Good news: Memorial “Exceeds Expectations”, according to the school report released middle September. Memorial bested LaFollette and East High with a score of 75, but fell to West at 76.8 and was sadly overturned by Middleton at 86.6. Yet Memorial continues to be near the top of the state.

Can’t say that for the rest of the district, though. While Madison had the top score among the 5 largest districts in the state, the district ranked bottom third. (Note: This means the other 4 were even down lower). MMSD obtained a score of 68.5, the lowest in Dane County. And though 68.5 put the district right at “Meets Expectations”, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Which is happening, to say the least. Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham recognized Madison’s growth score, which is above the state average. And Cheatham noted that the growth score more accurately reflects the school’s development than actual static test scores. Cheatham also stated that the report card merely helps to address and pinpoint problems, nothing more, as the report cards are based off of state tests from the last fall. “There may be some districts in Wisconsin that we want to know more about, said Cheatham. They’re doing something that’s leading to high performance.”

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