Memorial vs. West – A Good Game and Then ………..

Whenever Memorial and West meet for a football game at Mansfield Stadium it always seems to be a very good game. This game followed that pattern when Memorial won 28-20 over their in town rival. After this very competitive game, during the post-game handshakes a fight broke out between multiple members of both Memorial and West. This caused both teams to have to retreat back to their separate sidelines to get the situation cleared up. “It was unfortunate that the actions of a few individuals tarnished what was described by the game officials as a well-competed game.” Memorial Athletic Director Mr.Schlitz stated. This incident took away attention from one of the best city football starts in years with both Madison Memorial (5-0) and Madison Lafollette (4-1) having terrific starts. “West isn’t dirty; we’re not dirty,” Memorial coach Mike Galindo said Monday at practice. “It was a few individuals that did something really stupid that reflected upon both programs and sadly, it reflected on Madison football. Discipline has been handed down to individuals from both Memorial and West. Memorial followed up the West game with a big win at Verona and now plays in a game of undefeated teams when they host Sun Prairie this Friday.  Be there! By Ryan Morgan

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