May Artist of the Month: Arcadia Katzenberger

Arcadia Katzenberger Artwork
Arcadia Katzenberger Artwork

Art has always been a passion of mine ever since I could grasp a pencil in my hand. It has truly been
a huge aspect of my life. Art in elementary and middle school have been a great start for me, but as high school came around, there was so much more that I was able to explore and try. I have had many amazing art teachers in high school, from Herman showing so much more with just one simple ceramic piece, Frontier pushing me to dominate any photo project, Newland teaching me that an artist’s work can never be done, Winker letting me express my imagination even further, and Ford giving me the chance to be even more dedicated in what I do.

I have enjoyed all forms of art but have been very passionate in drawing, ceramics and photography. I have been so honored to be able to  be a TA for ceramics with Mr. Herman, learning the ways of the classroom, helping put together shirt designs, and also being the photography editor for The Sword and Shield. I look forward to continuing my art  career in attending UW Milwaukee at the Pecks School of Arts learning
art education so that one day I can teach people the great lessons I have learned from art. If you are truly inspired and love doing art or just doodling little stick figures from time to time, take advantage of the incredible art opportunities at Memorial. Show everyone what your imagination is made of.

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