April Artist of the Month: Mitchell Kohrs

I started getting into art when I was Self Portraitin elementary school thanks to my very supportive (and all around awesome) art teacher, Ms. Werth. In her class we did everything from scribble drawings to real drawings, clay pinch pots all the way to paper mache. Middle school was very similar but when I saw the level at which the art was at when I got into high school I knew anything I did would just look childish compared to the drawers and painters at Memorial. During my time at Memorial my schedule has been pretty packed because I continued with all four academics, foreign language, band, and the required gym classes. With all these classes (plus health freshman year) I could not get back into an art class until I was a sophomore when I took photo 1. I had been a little into photography during middle school because it was an art medium that required little dexterity with things like pencils, paintbrushes, or clay. I always found I had a good eye for seeing beauty but expressing it was difficult until I got my hands on the 35mm film SLR camera my parents purchased me on craigslist for $30. In photo 1 I fell in love with film and the idea that I could develop, print, and manipulate my own pictures in the dark room and I was very good at it too. The dark room gave me the fundamentals and a love for photography that I later took and applied to digital photography once I saved up the money for my Nikon D-SLR (which puts me in the minority because there are so many Canon people at this school) I got it during junior year midway through photo 2. For my senior year I found my schedule almost wide open and decided to be a T.A. for one of Mr. Frontier’s semester one photo 1 classes (unfortunately photo 1 had drifted quite far away from the dark room in the two years since I took it). I still value this experience and it is part of why I am going to college to become a teacher. This semester I am taking photo 3 and it is my favorite class of the day. I really like doing portraiture both of myself and of other people. I like how photo 3 gives you almost complete freedom to do whatever you desire because we get vague ideas for photo shoots and it is up to us how to interpret the assignment.

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