For All Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors:

On Tuesday, March 19th, each of you will be taking either the EXPLORE, PLAN or ACT in the morning.  Our focus as a school that morning will be on these assessments, and your success.  This day will not feel like a normal school day, and there are some guidelines that will need to be followed by all students during testing.

1 – Once test booklets are distributed, there will be no talking except at designated break times.  If a student is talking during the exams, they will be given one warning then told to leave the room.  9th and 10th graders will be sent to an alternative testing area.  Juniors will be sent home and their test will not be scored.

2 – The only items you should bring into the room are number two pencils, a calculator and your ID.  Do not bring your backpacks, school work, books, food or drink into the room.  You should leave your backpacks at home since you will not have any classes that day.  Juniors, you need to have an ID with you or report to your neighborhood office right away in the morning for alternative identification to get into your ACT room.

 3 – Cell phones are prohibited.  Leave them in your locker, at home, or in your neighborhood office if you can’t get to your locker. If you try to enter the room with a cell phone, you will be told to go put it away and return without it.  Cell phones are not allowed at break times either.  Juniors taking the ACT will be dismissed from the test and their test invalidated if a phone is out after the test has been distributed.  9th and 10th graders will be removed to an alternate testing area and their phone confiscated.

Once again, for these few hours of testing, we will have a primary focus: your success on the test.  Hopefully, you have picked some fun activities to be a part of during the afternoon.  If you have not yet signed up for afternoon activities, do so by the end of the day or activities will be chosen for you.  You will have earned the break after focusing on academics for the morning.  Thank you and good luck on Tuesday.

PS…1- Yes, we are serious about the cell phones.  They should not bring them into the room.
2- 9th and 10th grade students are being told by their social studies teachers where they are testing.
3- Juniors will find out Monday afternoon.  We want to get as many students completing the pre-bubbling before we assign rooms.
4- Juniors will be provided with a drink and snack at their break time, since their test is so long and they can only leave the room once.  9th and 10th graders can use the water fountain at breaks, but must return immediately to the room.
5- Once testing starts, A wing will be closed to everyone except students and staff involved in the ACT.  The exception will be that staff with an office in A wing will be able to access their offices.

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