Hot Yoga

IMG955005When I first heard about hot yoga, I was very intrigued.  My teacher, Ms. Ford, first recommended it to me, and told me she goes every week and that it is a very popular practice in Madison. Hot yoga is done in over 90 degree weather, which makes it so unique. Truthfully, as a three sport athlete and captain of the football team, I thought the experience would be very relaxing and quite frankly, easy. I showed up to an evening session, and I saw a bunch of middle aged, normal people, and most looked like the soccer mom type. How hard could it be?

After my first 45 minutes of hot yoga, I was ready to pass out. These “soccer moms” were making me look silly, I could barely keep up with them! After finishing the hour and fifteen minute session, I was very humbled and had gained a newfound respect for all the people that do hot yoga daily. Thinking back on my experience, I could honestly say that an hour and a half of hot yoga is more difficult than 80 percent of all my high school sports practices at JMM. I highly recommend at least trying hot yoga once because it was a really cool experience and something totally different from the workouts you’re used to.

I attended classes at Inner Fire Yoga, which is located off of University Avenue (in the same building as Four Lakes Driving School). Hot yoga seems to be getting very popular at memorial, as a lot of my friends have been trying it out too. You can find out more about hot yoga at Inner Fire’s website,

You can get a lot of good deals too, the one I did was a month of yoga for only $30! (Jill Heilman, Joe Ferguson, and Tasha Vernon)

–Joe Ferguson

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