March Artist of the Month: Dietrich DenHartog

Dietrich's Art (4)Fellow artists make up a major circle of my friends. Though I do most of my art in the metals shop, I still immensely enjoy connecting with teachers and students from all the artistic mediums. I also really like to help out other students in metals classes. My interest in art started in ninth grade and has since blossomed into a passion to be an independent artist and, in the future, an art educator.When I was a wee freshman, I signed up for drawing, ceramics, and metals. I didn’t find much interest in drawing or ceramics, but I came back to the metals shop hungry for more. Working with metal and glass gives me satisfaction because the kind of detail found in artistic jewelry really catches my eye. Cutting, bending, soldering (welding), casting, or hinging metal together can create pieces that are geometric, fluid, or functional. Last year, as a junior, I engaged in my first independent study in which I experimented with layered pieces that had a pixelated look. This year I worked as a TA for Mrs. Ford and discovered that I enjoy mentoring fellow artists and getting them interested in creativity and the medium of metals and glass. Just last semester I began a second independent study, this time to create a senior portrait: a teampunkesque mask that will hang on the wall of Mr. Newland’s classroom. Though I have spent many hours in the metals shop, I’m still learning new techniques and ways to get creative. I’m always eager to dive in and get my hands dirty cutting metal or teaching someone how best to hold the blowtorch. A recommendation I would give to everyone would be to explore the art world because there are many resources available here to allow anyone to find a place.

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