JMM’s Own Water Bottle!

JMM Water Bottle

SSF is selling JMM Water Bottles. You need one of these! ONLY $7.00. BPA free. Student Support Foundation is a student philanthropy group that awards grants to improve Memorial. If you would like to buy a bottle, please email Ms. Glueck and she’ll connect you with an SSF student for ordering/delivery.

Don’t use purchased bottled water anymore!! It is just water, but that fact isn’t stopping people from buying a lot of it. Worldwide bottled water sales are between $50 and $100 billion each year, but the Sword & Shield would like you to consider not buying bottled water any more, instead get one of these JMM water bottles and be done with buying water. Here’s why:

1) Bottled water isn’t a good value
2) No healthier than tap water
3) Bottled water means garbage
4) Bottled water means less attention to public systems
5) The corporatization of water

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