Memorial Wins First and Third at National Science Bowl Regionals

ScienceThe U.S. Department of Energy’s Science Bowl has been a national competition for 21 years. Memorial’s two teams only found out about it two months ago. Yet even with the steep learning curve set before them, the two teams—graciously coached by Mrs. Sowmya Partha—managed to both medal at the Wisconsin Science Bowl regional at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Team One, consisting of Memorial students Sohil Shah, Brian Luo, Thejas Wesley, William Xiang, and Srikar Adibhatla, won first place honors and a trip to the national competition in Washington, D.C. while Team Two, consisting of students David Ho, Rutvi Shah, Kevin Cao, Newton Wolfe, and Trang Nguyen, earned 3rd place honors.

The competition is a Jeopardy-style quiz bowl where two teams compete head-to-head answering questions in the following topics: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Astronomy, and Energy. Twenty teams competed in a round robin tournament, with the top eight moving on to the afternoon double-elimination round. Team Two cruised on to the afternoon rounds, while Team One struggled a bit and ended up in an almost unprecedented three-way tiebreaker between Brookfield Central High School and the perennial state champs, Marshfield High School. Only two of the three could advance. After Team One scored 0 points in the tie-breaker, the mood was sullen; it looked like they were going home. However, Marshfield unbelievably ended up scoring -2 in the tie-break, effectively sending Memorial One and Brookfield Central into the afternoon round.

In the afternoon rounds both Team One and Team Two cruised to the semifinals, where, unfortunately, they faced each other. Team One came out on top, but there were no hard feelings. The thrill of the entire competition was more excitement than any of the 10 members ever expected. Team One continued on to the finals, where they beat Arrowhead in a close match after correctly answering a Math question. Both teams walked into the National Science Bowl just excited to be competing, but by the end of the day they had made a reputation for Memorial High School—a reputation that will, hopefully, continue on for years to come. written by Srikar Adibhatla

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