Recycling Reminder

Recycling-SymbolThe Global Green committee along with the Spartan Spirit committee of Spartan Youth Service would like to give everyone a friendly reminder to continue recycling at school. Without the constant reminders that we all remember from elementary school, it can be easy to forget how important recycling really is. Also I would like to put to rest some rumors that have been floating around the halls. It’s widely believed that the recycling and garbage are combined at Memorial. Mr. O’Shea recently debunked this rumor. The only case that garbage and recycling would be combined is if the two are already cross contaminated. So next time you’re about to toss that piece of paper into the trash, think first, and readjust your aim ever-so slightly towards the recycling bin instead. It’s such a simple action that benefits our school and our world. So get out there and recycle Spartans!

If you have any creative ways to better our school’s environmental impact, feel free to come to a Spartan
Youth Service meeting Wednesdays after school and share it with members of Global Green committee.
New members and ideas are always welcome.  By Cassidy Nelson (for CAMM)

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