The 10 Best Films of 2012

The 10 Best Films of 2012 As Seen by Jack Feria
10. ‘Magic Mike’
 I’m aware that some of you may say this is a rather self-indulgent choice to appear on this top 10 list (as it should be as this is MY list) I ask you to hear me out. Director Steven Soderbergh never flaunts the fact that he’s making a “stripper movie”; instead, Soderbergh has crafted a unique drama that would still be riveting even without exposing Matt Bomer’s abs.
9. ‘The Impossible’ This month, the theaters are full of films that are designed to win awards and on occasion, feel false due to the creators’ intentions to solely take home golden statues rather than tell a compelling story. ‘The Impossible’ presents an incredible tale about humanity at its best in a time of crisis with the best performance from a young adult in years, given by newcomer, Tom Holland.
8. ‘ParaNorman’ It may be marketed toward children but people of all ages need to see this entertaining, inventive story about tolerance.
7. ‘The Intouchables’ French students, beg your teacher s to show you this movie! It may have the premise of a Hallmark TV movie but it has the humor and the heart of a classic, I could watch again and again yet still be under its charming spell.
6. ‘Hitchcock’ Where ‘Lincoln’ failed, ‘Hitchcock’ succeeds. This portrait of the genius filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock showcases the best a biopic can be. Unlike the overstuffed ‘Lincoln’, this film is engrossing and immensely entertaining and sheds a much deserved light on Hitchcock’s creative and emotional partner, Alma Reville. Whether or not you like movies about movies, you’ll love this comedic drama.
5. ‘Django Unchained’ Only a filmmaker like Quentin Tarantino could make a story of such violent nature one of the most poetic and hilarious of the year.
4. ‘Looper’ Simply brilliant, do not miss it.
3. ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ An unexpected excellent performance by Bradley Cooper isn’t the only surprise the years best comedy has in store.
2. ‘Life of Pi’ If you’re waiting to finish reading the excellent novel of which this film is based, stop now and get yourself to the theater. That’s all I can say.
1.‘Les Miserables’ I saw 103 theatrically released films from this year, none as good as this. This movie going experience sacrifices perfection in vocal performances to present a raw, realistic representation of musical expression. The reason why this stage to film translation works so well is
because each of the 49 songs in the musical sound like they are truly coming from the souls of the characters rather than that of Jennifer Hudson singing “And I Am Telling You” in ‘Dreamgirls’ where it felt detached from the story and solely included so audiences could hear the song. This  musical I have known for years felt brand new to me and that’s a damn impressive feat for a musical theater geek like me. If anything, see the movie for Anne Hathaway’s soon to be Best Supporting Actress winning role.

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