What to Wear this Week

Wondering what to wear this week? If you’re a senior boy, then you’ll want to start the week in a bathrobe. On Mondays a group of hand selected seniors show their true colors, proving to all who they really are. They rock bathrobes. Some sport a beater underneath, while others go for a classier V-neck and slippers (Eli Gomez). On these particular days, extreme comfort is reached. The senior boys involved care little of what others think of them, but care much about their own personal comfort. Recently, however the group has decided to make Bathrobe Mondays open to the public too! Therefore if you are a student at Madison Memorial and have a desire to wear a bathrobe on a day where you hardly want to get out of bed, you are not alone!

Dress up
Also this Monday, Rasika Ramanathan is organizing a school wide blackout to support the victims of the Connecticut shooting. She is asking everyone to please wear black on Monday.

Now if you are a teacher, Mr. Borchardt has organized a week of dress up. Monday is Ugly Sweater Day and Mr. Borchardt insists that this does not have to be a holiday sweater but it does have to be ugly. On Tuesday, he’s asking teachers to “suit up” (as Barney from How I Met Your Mother would say) AKA dress like Mr. Vosters. Then on Wednesday, he’d like teachers to dress down, which is the opposite of Tuesday–AKA dress like Mr. Borchardt. Thursday is Badger Day or if you dont like the Badgers, then wear your team, understanding that any teacher not in Badger red will be out numbered like a visiting team’s fan walking into the heart of the lion’s den. And finally Friday–Monochromatic Day…this mean you wear all one color. Mr. Borchardt was all purple last year, this year he is going for pink because the Boys Swim team want all Spartans in PINK this Friday.

Jeremy Temprano, Eli Gomez and Anthony Walker, the captains of the 2012-2013 JMM Boys Swim Team wanted to raise the awareness of the Spartans Give Back Swim Meet, and raise some money for Komen as well. The team will be selling Spartans Give Back t-shirts for $8/each. (see design above). The girls swim team will all be helping out to, both at the meet on January 3rd and selling t-shirts prior to the meet during lunch.
By Sam Sutherland for CAMM

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