December Artist of the Month: Kira Tobin

Self Portrat by Kira Tobin
Self Portrat by Kira Tobin

I’ve always loved art, and loved to draw and paint. Mostly I like to draw people and faces, and I really enjoy trying out different materials and methods, like chalk paint-pens and glitter glue. The hardest thing I’ve ever made was the self-portrait I did this summer at a pre-college program at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, which is about half as tall as I am and done in charcoal pencil. Over the past three years, I’ve taken Ceramics 1, Painting and Printmaking 1, Photo 1, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, and In the spring I’m taking Drawing 3. I also did an Independent Study project with Ms. Winker. Even though they are what I do most, I didn’t take drawing and painting until junior year, but I learned a lot in both classes, and everyone should take advantage of our awesome art department. — Kira Tobin

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