Practice for JMM’s Musical begins…

This year’s musical poster was created by Monika Ford.

On Friday, November 2nd, the highly anticipated cast list for the winter musical was announced. Students excitedly mobbed the postings after school. 45 students officially became cast members of the upcoming Memorial Production Thoroughly Modern Millie. If you would still like to be involved with the musical it’s not too late! You can still help out the show by helping with tech and/or crew. Congratulations to the cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie! More information about the show coming in February!


Millie Dillmount: Atzie Sobotik

Jimmy Smith: Sachin Dharwadker

Dorothy Brown: Sophia Hahn

Trevor Greydon: Andy Gray

Muzzy Von Hossmere: Marina Awes

Mrs. Meers: Marlene Jones

Ching Ho: Brian Lou

Bun Foo: Leon Pan

Mrs. Flannery: Alyssa Ayen

Priscilla Girls:

Ruth: Heidi Weitz

Gloria: Emma Cibula

Alice: Betsey Kunz

Rita: Meg Hamele

Cora: Gwen Paker

Lucille: Abby Sutherland

Ethel: Catherine Bartzen

Dexter/Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Ogden Greene

Letch/Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Ben Gellman

Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Chet Agni

Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Jack Feria

Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Nick Mann

Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Zach Schultz

Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Alistair Sewell

Muzzy’s Boy/Tapper/Ensemble: Andrew Turner

George Gershwin/Ensemble: Austin Borst

Rodney/Ensemble: Sam Cibula

Kenneth/Ensemble: James Tautges

Dishwasher/Ensemble: Colin Kohrs

Dishwasher/Ensemble: Colin Pitman

Dorothy Parker/Ensemble: Kat Bunke

Pearl Lady/Ensemble: Kelsey Kircher

Daphne/Ensemble: Mara Blumenstein

Mathilde/Ensemble: Emily Stephenson

New Modern/Ensemble: Lindsey Kermgard

Mama/Ensemble: Johanna Novich Leonard

Tapper/Ensemble: Ruth Percival

Ensemble: Alana Alderson, Caitlin Christy, Eva Cornwell, Aurora Eggers, Kata Hahn, Kaitlyn Hammers, Kateri Klingele, Nive Prabakaran & Angela Yu

Posted by: Cassidy Nelson for CAMM

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