Sam Sutherland; Spartan

Samuel John Sutherland was born on November 14th 1994 in Madison Wisconsin. Sam has lived in Madison all of his life and is a true icon in James Madison Memorial. Sam’s most unique characteristic is his “firey red seck flo” he has on top of his head. Samuel has a fun loving attitude in school which makes him loved by so many of his fellow classmates.  He looks forward to a college opportunity at a wonderful school and hopes to study politics in college. Sam is also known for his athletic ability at memorial. Sam is on the varsity basketball team and varsity football team. He was honored as a second team all-conference linebacker in his senior season. Such high performance was attributed to his ritual of eating a handful of skittles before every kickoff. Other than sports, his free time consist of helping out in the community mostly at the habitat for humanity. He also enjoys playing in the leaves during the fall and building snowmen with his older brother Paul in the winter. Sam is a model of how a student should behave and act at memorial. He is the true definition of a Madison Memorial Spartan.  Written by Adam Schuman (for CAMM)

Facebook trio of images of Sam Sutherland

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