JMM’s Mock Election Results

61% of Wolf students turned out to vote at JMM’s mock election, earning itself the honor of being the most politically engaged neighborhood.

In a school of more than 1800 students, approximately 1100 turned up in the school wide election. The results are in, and it looks like Memorial agrees with the rest of country. Obama won with a whopping 83% win over Romney. Nationally, Obama won with a 2% lead over Romney.

In the Senate election, for Memorial, Baldwin won with a 74% majority vote. Similarly, Baldwin won as the first openly gay woman senator for Wisconsin by 51%, a narrow lead over Tommy Thompson who lost by 46%.  Mark Pocan won in Memorial by more than 80% majority vote, defeating Chad Lee for the seat in Congress, similar to the state results.

Voter turnout itself was quite impressive in this year’s election, with over 60% of Memorial students showing up to vote, with the Wolf neighborhood being the most politically active of the four, and less than 60% of Wisconsinites turning up to take part in the election of our newest leader. It was due to this year’s impressive voter turnout, in a number of other states that contributed to a win for President Obama.

For images see the Feature tab

Read more information regarding Madison turnout here.

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