The Justin Bieber Experience


Photo by Pauline Herr
So close we could almost touch him!

Seeing Justin Bieber was the highlight of my life. It all started when Nina said her dad could get us tickets. We decided that $200.00 was the max we were going to spend on them, and that got us 14th row seats. We bought the tickets on May 30th, and having to wait until October 21st to seen him was awful. The closer it got to the concert, the more excited we all were.

I was so excited that day that I couldn’t sleep. I was probably up around 7:30 and ready to go, even though I had to wait until 3. I put my favorite Justin Bieber shirt on, put on a purple bandana, and finally left for Nina’s. At her house I got the scarf, bag, (fake) VIP pass, light up microphone, and tour books. When Pauline showed up, the 4 of us, including Nina’s mom all left for Milwaukee. The whole ride there we talked about how this couldn’t possibly be happening to us, and there was no way that we would actually be seeing Justin Bieber. We were so excited.

When we finally got to the Bradley Center, it was packed with girls all waiting to get in. Their ages ranged from toddlers, to girls older than me. We got in line, and when we asked why some people were getting let in and not others, the security guard in front of the door told us that the VIP’s could go in. When we looked back at our ticket, it said VIP, so they let us in. We were all freaking out thinking that maybe, we were going to meet Justin. It turned out we couldn’t, so they sent us back outside. Since we were inside, everyone thought we had been there for hours, so they let us stand at the front of the line. Sure, we got some dirty looks, but we didn’t care. Finally, after freezing outside for an hour they let us back in. Once we were in, we almost ran into the stadium. I like to think we were the first ones in.

We found our seats, and they were close. There were only 13 rows in between us and the stage, but we were only feet away from the catwalk. We made some new friends with the girls around us, and we decided to stick together. We were able to stand there while Carly Rae Jepson performed, and it was awesome. She sang Call Me Maybe, and a few of her other songs. She was great, but everyone was there to see Justin Bieber. Once Carly was done, everyone said we had to go back to our seats, and we did not like that, at all. The family that was sitting next to us, closer to the stage, were not very nice. The mom freaked out and thought we were trying to trample her daughter, and blocked us from the stage. We had our new friends try to save us room, and they did. We even got in front of the family in front of us, they were very annoyed. There was this couple behind us, probably a year or two older than us, and according to the girl we “stole her spot” and kept trying to push us out of the way. We held on to the railing in front of the stage for dear life, and she couldn’t get through us. There were so many people, and everyone was smashed together, but we didn’t care. We were going to see Justin Bieber in a matter of minutes. Everyone there was buzzing with excitement. Finally the lights turned off, and the music started.

Justin Bieber came out on a pair of wings, a very masculine pair, and started singing. It was amazing. It was everything I imagined it would be. He sang some of his new songs, some of his old songs, and every single one was perfect. When you see someone in a magazine, you think it’s all photo shopped and airbrushed, but even in real life he looked exactly the same. It was so surreal how close we were to him. He would bend over and sing to the crowd and he would be inches from us. Nina, Pauline and I were all waiting and hoping that he would touch us, and finally he did. I’m pretty sure I died a little on the inside. There aren’t words to describe how amazing it was. I was screaming at the top of my lungs (which the couple behind us found rude and annoying) for basically the entire time, which gave me an awful sore throat, but it was so worth it. It wasn’t until the last few songs that it really sunk in, that I was watching Justin Bieber sing in person, and not just through a screen. Let’s just say we were all crying tears of joy.

When he left the stage for the last time, nobody wanted to leave. We all wanted him to stay and keep singing, forever. Once we came down from cloud 9 we finally made our way out of the stadium, and back to our car. At this time we were all exhausted from jumping and screaming for hours that we slept most of the car ride home. We finally got home around midnight and I didn’t want to go to sleep because I didn’t want the night to end. I finally fell asleep, and even though going to school the next day was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, it was so worth it, and I would do it again in a heatbeat! Article by Allison Statz, Photo by Pauline Herr

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