The Green House

          Those of you that have walked by the woodshop have probably noticed the latest addition to our ever improving school. If you haven’t already guessed what it is, here’s a hint: it houses green things…that’s right, a Green house. Thanks to the efforts of the Environmental club, Joel Cryer, and Ms. Piraino, JMM now has its very own greenhouse. Plans to build a greenhouse had been around for many years, in fact, the Environmental club has been fundraising through concerts, silent auctions and a number of bake sales and hot chocolate sales for the past four years in order to accomplish their goal. Funding was also provided by JMM ISEI and the Student Support Foundation.

As of now the greenhouse is empty, but plans are already in place to add benches and a walkway. In the future, the greenhouse will also house a number of prairie plants, ‘fast plants’ and plants from the organic garden. If you have any other ideas for the new greenhouse, contact Ms.Piraino.

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