What’s a Pep Aud?

Senior Stands

This year’s Homecoming Pep Rally was one of the best Memorial has seen in ages. The long standing tradition has been, at times, called into question. Not that long ago there were several rallies in the school year. The Fall and Winter sports had “kick off” pep rallies where teams were introduced and schedules announced. The Winter Rally featured basketball hoop tricks and gymnastic stunts. Many incoming freshmen are clueless to what a “Pep Aud” is, as well as a few upper classmen. The Sword and Shield sought the advice of teachers.
Nick Berndt, Cross Categorical teacher, asked the same thing of a colleague while teaching at East. It was described to him first with the definition of “Pep” which means energy and high spirits or liveliness. Original Pep Rallies were held for a school audience only, not outsiders. Since a rally often includes others outside of the school audience, the “Aud” referred to the students and staff only.
Tyler Spence, science teacher, sent the Sword and Shield an old Pep Aud photo taken in the auditorium, inferring that because pep rallies were in the auditorium, they were called Pep Auds. John Rummel, School Psychologist, agreed, “In my experience, ‘aud’ has always been short-hand for an auditorium, but more as a proper noun: ‘Are you going to the aud?’ could mean, ‘Are you going to hear the guest speaker this afternoon?’” Mr. Rummel said that at West (where he used to work), it was common short-hand to refer to events held in the auditorium. Len Morimino, School Counselor, who also worked at West at one time was told that because they were once held in Auditoriums they were called Pep Auds.  He says, “I’ve NEVER liked it.  And I no idea why, but it reminds me of Pepto Bismal and frogs. ‘Pep AUD! Pep AUD!’.”

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