From the Editor

Note from the Editor:

And we’re off! It’s been one month since the new school year began, and all around the building freshman are getting lost less often, sophomores are infuriated with their chemistry books, juniors are feeling the power of being upperclassmen, and seniors are reminding juniors who actually holds the real power. As we’re a month in, students of all grades are joining or returning to many different clubs. From tennis and football to DDAF and SYS, freshmen, seniors, and all those in between them are discovering their passions (shameless plug: if you’re a fan of writing, photography, news, sports, or the arts, consider contributing to The Sword & Shield).

If you’ve been following the news this month, you’ll know that the United States has begun conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Islamic terror group ISIS, the Ebola virus has spread to Texas, and Wisconsin’s controversial Voter ID requirements have been reinstated. While it is highly unlikely that any JMM student can coordinate quarantine relief efforts or punch Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the face, what we can do is respond to these latest voter suppression measures. Election experts across the country have overwhelmingly concluded that actual incidences of voter fraud are exceedingly rare, and that Wisconsin’s new voter ID requirements stand to disenfranchise a disproportionate amount of poor and minority voters. To uphold the values that our Founding Fathers enshrined and so many have died for since the Constitution’s ratification, I highly encourage- nay, implore- all JMM seniors who will be 18 before this November’s election to register to vote, regardless of your political affiliation.

Also, progress reports are out! By this point, you should be getting a feel for your classes and be familiar with your grades. Work hard, remember to check Infinite Campus regularly, and stop by the Tutoring Center if you need studying assistance. If you enjoyed this month’s issue of The Sword & Shield and want more student-created content, be sure to check out our website at for news, sports, and entertainment reviews.

Good luck, and godspeed!

Vishal Narayanaswamy, October 2014


Vishal Narayanaswamy (’15) is a senior and Co-Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster of The Sword & Shield. 
2014-15 Notes from the Editor: 

It’s an exciting time of year! Freshman are getting used to the confusing hallways, Teachers are just meeting their new students for the year, and Seniors are prepping for their college apps. Though the new school year brings on an onslaught of things to do, it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself. Do clubs you like and take classes that you’re legitimately interested in. Turn school into a place that you want to be at and look forward to everyday. Just remember that having fun is just as important as learning and we’ll have another great school year. And if the work seems to be overwhelming, just remember that countless others have braved the dangers of high school and we’re no different. I look forward to the coming school year and wish all the Seniors applying for college good luck! (Written for the September 2014 issue by Nathan Wang)



2013-14 Notes from the Editor: 

A large portion of this month’s Sword and Shield issue has been dedicated to our late principal, Bruce Dahmen. We have included poems and stories from the Spartan community about principal Dahmen’s leadership, his compassion for students and staff, and his generosity. His passing has deeply touched the student body, even affecting those who did not personally know him. There is a noticeable absence in the hallways and in the morning announcement , where he would say his now iconic phrase, “Make good decisions .” Although he is no longer with us, his lessons and values will continue to impact our community for generations to come. A scholarship fund will be established in Bruce Dahmen’s name with the profits from the “Dahmenation” T-shirts that are currently being sold in the photolab, room 521, for $5. Seniors should make note that the end of the year Senior Issue is coming. Please be aware of the upcoming surveys and their due dates. You won’t want to miss out. (Written for the March 2014 issue By Idris Boukahil)

Welcome, returning students and class of 2017! Despite all of our wishful thinking, summer has ended and school has started. That means waking up early, getting to class on time, and spacing out while staring at the clock. Some summer habits will carry on through the year, such as staying up late – albeit for school instead of for fun. All joking aside, the new school year represents a fresh start for both upper and underclassmen alike. As you may already know, homework piles up quick so don’t procrastinate; Memorial is blessed to have so many great tutors (myself included) ready to help with any homework you may have. Although the summer now lives with us in our memories, we can still enjoy the great weather and have fun by supporting our fellow Spartans participating in fall sports! If you have an idea for the Sword and Shield or want to write an article yourself, contact us at All the best, Idris (Written for the September 2013 issue By Idris Boukahil)

2012-13 Final Note from the Editor:  As the countdown to summer nears its end, we from the Sword and  Shield would like to express our gratitude to you for your amazing support  this year one last time. When I first came into high school as a freshman, the  school newspaper provided me with some of my first tastes of high school  culture, and since then, I’ve been blessed to meet so many astoundingly brilliant students in the club. Being part of the paper has truly enriched my  years at Memorial with so many fond memories.

I’d like to give my deepest thanks to Mrs. Teri Parris Ford, for taking  over as advisor during my freshman year and providing her invaluable  artistic vision and time to help the paper progress. Without her dedication
to the club and her efforts to oversee so many facets of the newspaper, I can confidently say that the Sword and Shield would be nowhere near where it is today. Her efforts have produced marvelous results, as it’s been absolutely incredible for me to see how much more integrated the paper has become in our school’s society over the past 4 years. Next, I’d like to thank Jessi Ford for being such a fantastic co-editorin-chief this past year, along with all of the editors, staff, and contributors that work so hard each month to put every issue together. And last, but not least, you, the readers, with the continued interest that you display each month, always inspire us to put forth our best efforts in every installment. None of this would be here without you.

And with that, it’s my pleasure to introduce the new editors-inchief for next year, Idris Boukahil and Monika Ford, along with the rest of their editorial staff, and I wish them the best of luck next year in all of their ambitious endeavors. Enjoy the rest of the issue! Yours truly, William Xiang

From the Editor-in-Chief: Welcome to the final quarter of the school year! Despite the unbelievably lengthy winter and subzero temperatures the past few weeks, the snow has finally melted away to reveal the more familiar spring sights of verdant grass and sunny skies. And with the outdoors now open for business, it’s time to trade the blanket and hot chocolate for the jogging shoes and bicycle. This issue of the Sword and Shield will cover a variety of athletes participating in different spring sports this year, so be sure to check out what some of your fellow Spartans are up to! Enjoy the  articles and the beautiful weather! If you have any questions  regarding submissions for the  Sword and Shield or editorial  positions for next year, feel free to  contact either me or my co-editorin-chief, Jessi Ford, or send us  an email at jmmswordn.shield@ Written for the April Issue by William Xiang

Ever noticed how talented the student body of JMM is? All around our school we see accomplishments, whether it’s on the basketball court or in a forensics tournament. Without a doubt there are a lot of talented students that walk these halls, just check out our front page article to read about our boys swim team dominating the competition at the Natatorium, and cruising to their third straight state title. However, even when our teams are not  winning, the pride and honor of being a spartan is even more evident. Which reminded me of something Ms. Glaaser said in class one day. Spoken wisely, she said that success isn’t necessarily about winning. Coming in and working hard at something you love and are passionate about every day, regardless of the wins and losses is the real achievement. Being a part of the girl’s basketball team, with more losses than wins on our record these past years, I couldn’t agree more. I am proud to have been a part of a team who has worked incredibly hard, heedless of the number of wins. In this issue we hope to the provide some credit to the many talented and accomplished individuals, as well as offer some information about the things that are happening around Memorial. All students are always welcome to submit articles, art and/or photos to the Sword & Shield. Please contact myself, Will Xiang if you have any questions or email  Written for March Issue by Jessi Ford

 Happy second semester! Hopefully all of your finals went by smoothly, whether you’re a newly minted member of Spartan society or a weathered second-semester senior.  But although we’ve passed the majority of the school year, the near absence of vacation days in the weeks ahead contains frightening potential for a gloomy spiral down into the doldrums. Fear not, however! We at the Sword and Shield have compiled a collection of stories and puzzles that will enthrall you, starting with an abundance of faculty profiles. Ever wonder how your favorite teachers met their significant others or what their high school athletic careers were like? This issue should answer many of those questions. Also, be sure to catch some of our course recommendations from your fellow classmates. And last, but not least, we’ve provided you with an inundation of Sudokus, returning due to popular demand after a hiatus last month. These are, of course, to be done during your leisure time and not in the middle of lengthy lectures or exams. As always, if you have any questions regarding the Sword and Shield, feel free to contact either me or my co-editor-in-chief, Jessi Ford. Written for the February Issue by William Xiang
P.S. Come see the winter musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie! Show times are February 1, 2, 8, and 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Hope everyone had a wonderful break! It went by fast and now it is time to get back into the swing of school and prepare ourselves for finals week. This issue was difficult to finish since we lost the last two days before winter break. As much as we all love snow days, two in a row can put a kink in plans. You may find your teachers are scrambling to fit everything in before the end of the semester, which is just around the corner. The next two weeks may be a stressful time, so you may want to heed the advise of surviving finals– our front page story. There are lots of pictures from the Smackdown and basketball games to check out. Now that we are in full swing of 2013, it is not too late to get involved with the school paper. We have 5 issues still to roll and we need your help. Please message or email stories, images or art work to Will Xang or myself via Facebook or Written for January Issue by Jessi Ford

Welcome to the last issue of the Sword and Shield for the year! As we all enter the home stretch before winter break, buoyed by the endorphin rush from Thanksgiving feasts, the Sword and Shield is happy to provide you with some respite from the slews of exams and lengthy homework assignments that will inevitably delight you in the coming weeks. In addition to our usual collection of striking photos, be sure to check out our winter season Prep Profiles, as well as the other worthy selections we have this month. And last, but not least, take a look at our newest addition to the paper- the winter word search! Idris hopes the nostalgic classic will sufficiently enthrall you in the coming days. Happy Holidays!  Written for the December Issue by Will Xiang

November has arrived and with it a flurry of excitement! The boys stop shaving, winter sports begin, and if we are lucky (or unlucky for some) we may begin to see snowfall soon. Already this year I have seen so many students eager to be a part of school activities, whether its fan support at football games, or simple participation in backyard activities, or attending the art field trips to Chicago. No matter how dull school may seem during the long months of winter, there is always something going on, or something to be excited about. Here at S&S our goal is to inspire people to continue to have a deep pride in being a Memorial student, so keep up the Spartan spirit! Go Spartans! P.S. Everyone come cheer on the girls swim at State on November 10th at the Natatorium! Written for the November Issue  by Jessi Ford

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