October Artist Of the Month– Emily KB

Photography is my passion. It allows me to express my creativity in a fun way. I’ve always been interested in photography, ever since I was young. Around age 10 I got my first digital pointand-shoot camera, which became my best friend for a little while, because I was so excited about it. From age 10 to 16 I went through roughly 6 point-and-shoot cameras (because I was clumsy and broke half of them) and I wanted
something bigger and better. The JMM Art Department has played a major role in my school life.
As a sophomore I took Photo 1 with the wonderful Mrs. Ford in hopes of being in an exciting yet
simple class, which is exactly what it ended up being! Photo 1 explores film cameras, which was
very different for me. I was so used to my little digital ones, but I ended up enjoying every part of my Photo 1 class and going through the process of developing my own photos. As a junior I took Photo 2 first semester with the fabulous Mr. Frontier. This class gives you a look at digital cameras and computer editing programs. During this class I shot one of my favorite photo shoots that I’ve done. Seen BELOW, ABOVE, ON THE RIGHT, ON THE LEFT. (featuring Kelsey Hellenbrand) Photo 2 really pushed me to try new things and the water portrait shoot with Kelsey was one of the results of being pushed outside my comfort zone. I ended up being a teaching assistant for Photo 2 second semester. By Emily Koebke Barsic

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