15 Tips for Freshman Success

Dear Freshmen,
Welcome to the start of some of the best (and worst) moments of your life. At this point, you have tumbled down the social hierarchy and have once again become fresh meat. Of course this drastic change is not easy, so in order to help you with your transition, here are 15 tips on how to get through high school, introducing….the freshman-15.
1. High school is the time to explore your interests and find out what you are truly passionate about. Memorial makes this especially easy with all the clubs and sports that are offered. Joining clubs and extracurriculars is also a way to make new friends with the same interests as you! Consider stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new things, activities, and groups. Who knows? You just might end up liking them!
2. Freshman year is a breeze; the key to getting good grades is simple. Just turn in your homework on time. It honestly doesn’t get easier than that!
3. The key to doing your homework on time is managing a busy schedule. The faster you get things done, the more free time you have afterwards. Study now, play later! That way you won’t have to constantly worry about having time to finish your work.
4. Ask for help! Teachers, counselors, and tutors are more than willing to listen to what you have to say and answer any questions!
5. Volunteer! It’s actually proven that volunteering can improve your health greatly, and volunteering can help you get involved, meet new people and make more friends!
6. Quick tip for getting to class on time…walk on the right side of the hallway. Always walk on the right side, and DO NOT stop in the middle to talk to your friends. Never stop in the middle of the hallway or on the stairs to chat. That is just plain annoying.
7. Don’t procrastinate!
8. Push yourself! Don’t be afraid to be an overachiever (to a point)!
9.Don’t skip class. Everything from now on leads to your graduation; not going to class is a big mistake.
10. Use your planner! That small book is a life saver!
11. Color-code your notebooks and binders/folders! It helps keep things organized.
12. Re-organize your school stuff regularly!
13. Think before posting things on Facebook or any site where lots of people can see what you post. Many people have lost important things, from college admissions to dream jobs, all because of what they put up on the Internet.
14. Memorial can be a confusing building, but just remember that any room number ending with a number 50 or above is upstairs. Anything ending with a
number lower than 50 is downstairs.
15. Last but not least, have fun! High school is by far some of the best four years of your life. Enjoy every moment! There you have it! The freshman 15: your basic ways to get through high school in one piece. Have a great year!
Your Upperclassmen

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