Level Grounds Movement

The student body at JMM is one of the best in the country. We have, however, been slacking in one area of our actions. Drug and alcohol use is, as you probably already know, a very widespread and acceptable thing in our high school. You’ve heard or told some of the stories on Mondays about the “banger” at “Suzie’s” house that happened on Saturday night. Whether you were actually at that party or maybe just sitting on your couch watching The Incredibles, eating popcorn, you know that if the public knows that it was Memorial students who threw that party, it would give a bad name to the school and to the students involved. Drinking causes people to do a lot of stupid things and the students that participate in partying risk consequences such as athletic suspensions, loss of trust, and possibly, closing doors for their future. Thinking about this fact, a few seniors last year took it upon themselves to do something about it, which continues today. They called it the Level Grounds Movement. LGM is a student run movement at JMM whose purpose is to reach out to our peers to raise awareness and reduce the use of drugs and alcohol in all facets of our high school. This especially includes athletes and those in other competitive extracurriculars, as well as reducing substance abuse before and after school sponsored events such as Homecoming and Prom. Now I know you might be thinking, this is just another one of those ideas from the administration to “clean up” our schools, but this is truly a school wide idea led by you, the students, to help us all make smart decisions that will benefit ourselves and the community. Look for our wristbands that say “I am who I make myself”. These remind us that we have the power to create our own futures. Our goal is to create a culture in our high school where it is acceptable and normal to go through life sober. Go Spartans! Article by Jeremy Gartland

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