The Dark Knight Rises Review

I don’t know what Jack watched, but it certainly I certainly did not see something that was just “okay”. The Dark Knight Rises, the epic finale to the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, is not only a great way to wrap up the series as a whole, but is a fantastic movie on its own. Combining a sense of realism and horror makes you, the audience, feel as if you are actually joining The Dark Knight in his last crusade. The plot itself revolves around Bruce Wayne and his struggles to attain an actual life outside of being the Batman. This may sound like a disappointment, as it means Nolan focuses more on the rich playboy rather than our acclaimed superhero, but it actually turns out quite well. If you don’t know already, the new bad guy in town is Bane, the powerful head of the League of Shadows, and he’s the first supervillain in the entire trilogy that is physically bigger and stronger than the Bat. This makes nearly all of the scenes in the movie tense, and truly brings fear that Gotham City is actually hopeless. Also, with the new addition of characters, TDKR introduces new connections between the people of the city. This includes Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway; Officer Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Miranda Tates, played by Marion Cotillard; and much more. These new characters help keep the film fresh and distinguished from the other motion pictures. The movie is action-packed, suspenseful, and one of the great movies of the 2000’s. This goes without saying there aren’t a few flaws, however. There are a few plot holes that are not quite explored, if at all, and this includes the Joker being completely absent from the story. As I was in the theater watching, my mind was stirring: “Aren’t they ever going to mention the Joker? Just once?” Yes, the death of Heath Ledger was no doubt the main reason for the Joker’s absence, but I expected some information regarding him to fill the plot hole. Brand new characters helped the movie, but also hindered it. With so many people introduced in one movie, it was obvious that each one of them were undeveloped. As a viewer, I felt as if I needed more background stories for the characters in order for me to understand why they are who they are. Overall, yes there are a some problems people can nitpick about, but one cannot deny the brilliance of the film. If you do not enjoy dark, action, comic book, thriller movies, that’s completely fine. But to say that the movie is “just okay” for its genre is simply NOT just okay. The movie executes extremely well and is one of the best – if not the best – in its genre. If you haven’t watched this movie this past summer, you must have been living in a cave. Go watch it. Now. I’m done.
Article by Sylvan Gu

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