Basic Information and Meeting Times

Like science? Want some help with chemistry homework? Then Chem Club is the place for you! The JMM Chemistry Club is a casual place to get all of your chemistry related questions answered by fellow students who have taken (and passed) chemistry courses here at Memorial.
We also host great speakers, including professors and professionals in the science field. On other weeks, you can find Chem Clubbers back in lab, investigating interesting experiments like as turning pennies silver and gold (speaking from experience, non-copper pennies look weird)
Additionally, most chem club members and some chemistry students participate in the annual Wisconsin Chemistry Olympiad event. Several past students have placed highly, earning some sweet cash prizes (up to $300) and advancing to Nationals. New this year, keep your eyes peeled for a Discovery Center field trip!
If any of the aforementioned activities piques your interest, think about checking out Chem Club in room 672A Thursday at lunch.

We’re on facebook at: JMM Chemistry Club

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