Letter from JMM DREAM

Dear Sword and Shield,


We are writing you today to express our concerns regarding the unjust treatment of people with disabilities. Many worries have been brought to our attention including unequal job opportunities, less accessibility for those with in wheelchairs, and, ultimately, discrimination across every disability. Not only do we want to break the physical barrier many people with disabilities face but we also intend to put an end to narrow-mindedness many people have towards those with disabilities. An entire group of people are being denied capital which is unacceptable in our changing society.

The first problem we would like to address is the overall lack of rights the disabled face in everyday life. Prohibiting discrimination is essential. People with all sorts of disabilities are being denied social capital. Men and women in wheelchairs are less likely to be taken serious. Many claim that people with disabilities can’t handle real life scenarios. Those with disabilities have less opportunities to speak their mind. Since we are being denied social capital, we are pushing to approve section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. Section 504 prohibits discrimination and creates rights for the disabled. This section focuses on the protecting those in the workplace and in their activities. We need these rights which allow more opportunities and equal chances.

Not only do we want equal rights, but we also want support. The Government does not offer help to our cause. Section 401 supports people with disabilities in the federal workplace and in any organization which is federally funded. Since we are also currently being denied political capital, we expect the federal government to provide equal treatment for us. By approving Section 401, the people with disabilities of America will be able to have the same chances as everyone else.

We thank you for taking your time to read about the current problems we face. We would appreciate your support of the JMM DREAM Activism Club and our fight to help improve our society.


Judith Heumann, Vice-President of JMM DREAM Activism Club

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