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Stand Up for Your Health

The allure of standing desks has been growing as people become more and more aware of the dangerous side effects that an increasingly sedentary modern lifestyle can have. Magazines, blogs, and flashy infographics all warn: “Sitting is the new smoking!” Some have taken action by stacking boxes under their laptops and pacing during phone calls, … Continue reading

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  • With 4th quarter now in full swing, it’s hard to believe that there’s less than two months left in the school year. Where did the time go?! After a fair share of April showers, here’s to hoping that the last five weeks of school are filled with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and endless fun. Historically, May has been known to be quite a busy month! With the National College Decision Day occurring on May 1st, AP Tests occupying the first two weeks (good luck!), Prom, Spring Play, NHS induction ceremony, graduation speaker tryouts, honors convocation, senior picnic, senior party, Film Fest and the last four weeks of class before finals, nearly everyone will be preoccupied, and the month of May will no doubt pass in the blink of an eye. It will also be important to remember, however, that during these busy times, to take time to relax and not lose perspective on the grand scheme of things. Perhaps, even relax with a newspaper in hand. That being said, enclosed in the May issue of Sword and Shield are informative articles about the events occurring in May (such as AP Tests, Prom, the Spring Play), an honest review of Ms. Yahr’s infamous standing desks, a recap of the Wisconsin Presidential Primaries, a recap of the spring sports scoreboard, an interview with Mr. Affeldt about the future of student leadership, an interview with Artist of the Month Lily Wollin, an article looking ahead to summer, as well as one on the death of beloved musical icon Prince, and much, much more! From everyone here at the Sword and Shield, we sincerely hope you enjoy this month’s issue. Don’t forget that second semester counts just as much as first semester, so remember to finish the year strong! As always, thanks for reading, and see you next month for the final, and much anticipated, senior issue! --Shalini Patro aka shanaynay

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