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Come Have Fun with Memorial’s Clubs!

Hello students! Welcome back to another exciting school year. After a relaxing summer, one of the best ways to ease into the school year is by getting involved in different clubs and activities. Luckily for you, Memorial has plenty of clubs to offer for almost every interest. Don’t see one you like? Come talk to … Continue reading

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  • Welcome freshmen and returning students to yet another exciting school year! While some of us had been prepping for the first day of school since mid-July, most of us (guilty) probably waited until Labor Day weekend to grab last minute school supplies and other essential items. And while we must all bid a tearful adieu to the all-nighters, lazy mornings, and relaxing days that summer provided us with, we should also look forward to the new and intriguing opportunities that greet us the minute we step into JMM each year. For freshmen, this year will be the first of many where they will have to deal with having real responsibility. For sophomores, this year they will begin their slow ascent to the top, to harder classes and driving permits. For juniors, this year will be the most challenging yet, with the newly refurbished ACT writing prompt, multiple AP classes, and résumé building activities. For seniors...this year will be the end of an era, an emotional goodbye to the school and faculty we have called home for the past four years. And while we are changing, the school has been changing as well! From new scoreboards, a shared lunch, and Advisories replacing Backyard, a couple of us might feel like freshmen again while we get used to things! But despite these changes, we can take comfort in knowing that many traditional things have remained with us as well, such as football games every Friday, the upcoming Homecoming dance, and the irregular temperature zones throughout the building. We at the Sword and Shield look forward to experiencing these changes, while also maintaining some of our traditions. We encourage you all to join us as we kickoff another year with a newspaper team that’s been around since the very beginning. Let’s make 2015-16 our best yet! Yours truly, Shalini
November 2015
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